How To Paint A Ping Pong Table – Easy Techniques and Tips

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In today’s article, we will guide you step by step on “How To Paint A Ping Pong Table” according to international standards. This is a simple job that anyone can do. The material for drawing ping pong tables is mainly painted and the tools are very familiar. Painting your ping pong table will not only give you a cheaper finished product than buying it ready-made, but it will also give you pleasure.

Standard Ping Pong Table

#1. Standard size

After knowing how high the ping pong net is, we will learn together some details about the ping pong table shortly. These parameters were published by the ITTF International Table Tennis Association in 2018.

Table top width: 152.5 cm.

Table top length: 274cm.

Table height above the ground: 76 cm.

Tabletop thickness: depending on the product has different thicknesses.

#2. Other standards of ping pong table

To be able to be used in official tournaments, the table tennis table needs to meet the following standards:

  • The tabletop is lined with white lines called fond. The middle lane is divided into 2 parts for doubles.
  • The fondant lines are 2cm wide. The vertical edge of the table is 2.74m long and the horizontal border is 1.525m long.
  • Tabletops can be made from a variety of materials, covered with special anti-glare paint, usually dark green or watermelon green.
  • When dropping a ping-pong ball freely on the table, the bounce of the bounces should be uniform and about 23 cm high.

How to paint a Ping Pong Table

After a long time of use, all types of ping pong tables can fade or completely lose paint color. To save many people choose to repaint to create a new table. Here is the process to draw a standard ping pong table.


Step 1 – Tools

Gather all the tools and supplies for the first drawing job. You will need a primer, dark green and white alkyd paint. Matte painted countertops will reduce glare, and it’s also durable and scratch-resistant. Get two types of special adhesive tape for paint. Force selects different widths of the same number of paintbrushes or a paint roller and tray.

Step 2 – Fix the damage on the tabletop

Before you start painting, check for stains or scratches that need repair. Use a paint scraper and put wood putty if the scratch is deep, then smooth with sandpaper and dust off for a clean surface. Take this time to remove old paint if present. A piece of sandpaper will smooth the surface in preparation for a fresh coat of paint.

Step 3 – Apply primer

Apply a coat of primer to the old ping pong tabletop. Wait for it to dry completely according to the instructions on the label.

Step 4 – Use tape for the white lines

The side and end lines are placed along the edges of the ping pong table. All of these lines are 0.75 inches or 1.9 centimeters thick. The sidelines run the length of the table while the end lines run the width.

There is also a centerline that must be marked with 0.125 inches (about 3mm) thick tape.

Once the primer has completely dried, measure the width of the board and accurately mark the centerline along the length. This is where the centerline will be drawn. Use tape 0.125 inches (about 3mm) wide, one strip along the length from one end of the table to the other, keeping them as straight as possible.

Press the tape down firmly so the blue paint won’t seep underneath it. Then, using 3/4-inch tape, run the strip along all four sides of the table.

Step 5 – Paint Blue

Apply two coats of green paint, making sure the first coat has dried according to the manufacturer’s instructions before applying the second coat.

Step 6 – Paint the line white

When the blue paint is completely dry, carefully remove the tape from the countertop. Using a small brush, carefully apply two coats of white paint in the lines, waiting to dry completely.

If you’re not sure you’ll be able to manually paint the white lines, you can add masking tape along the edges outside of the white paint spot.

You now have a ping pong table with a fresh coat of paint.


What is a Ping Pong?

Ping Pong is a sport with two sides playing; 1 or 2 people on one side hit a ball on the ball table back and forth with 1 or 2 people on the other side, each using a racket, almost like playing tennis.

The rules of ping pong are different from tennis but the basic concepts are the same. Ping pong is an Olympic sport. Spinning, speed, and tactics are important factors when playing ping pong. The speed of the ball can vary, from going slow but spinning a lot to very fast sometimes more than 110 km/h.

What are the benefits of Ping Pong?

Playing sports will bring you many benefits. Below are statistics of the benefits that ping pong brings.

#1. Health benefits

Playing ping pong makes you sweat and raise your heart rate through your back and forth reflexes to hit the ball.

– Sweating helps you to clear toxins from your body and lose weight (Playing a friendly match of table tennis for an hour burns about 300 calories)

– This is a great aerobic and cardiovascular exercise: the heart is being trained to pump at a higher rate, it becomes more efficient at delivering well-circulated blood.

#2. Improve coordination of body parts

When playing ball, players must coordinate many hands, eye, and foot parts to move and hit back and forth with each other. When played at a fast pace it benefits the development of different muscle groups.

#3. Playing ping pong improves mental capacity

Playing this game involves mind and body coordination. When playing ping pong, it is not only the hands, feet, and body that work, but it stimulates alertness, concentration, and strategic strategy to win.

#4. Can be played at any time

No need for a huge space, just simple tools: a ping pong table, racket, net, and space to move around to play. You can play year-round with no season or weather influence when playing indoors.

#5. Low risk of injury

This is a very safe activity compared to many sports. In ping pong, a player uses a racket to hit the ball to an opponent on the other side of the table. No heavy equipment is used and there is little risk of collisions or falls. Ping pong is one of the few competitive sports that offers players a chance to indulge in a fast movement without straining their joints.

#6. The connection of friends, family members

You will meet many new friends through singles, doubles, or mixed doubles. This sport is suitable for everyone: whether you are big or small, old or young, male or female, and even people with disabilities can play.

#7. Ping pong is a physical and fun activity

After stressful working hours, many people choose sports for entertainment, and ping pong is one of them. You can be happy with goals and have solid teamwork.

How to fix a warped Ping Pong table?


#1. Paint Rattle and Paint Aerosol

You can use satin or black for any desired color. Paint a thin layer, roll back and forth to keep the paint moist.

Let the paint dry and apply another two coats of paint. Finally, let the paint dry overnight.

#2. Rim

Press the hem down, along the edges to prevent paint from leaking below the hem. Then use masking tape to secure these edges in place.

Use white paint to spray these edges. One coat of paint is enough, but if desired, another coat can be added.

#3. Filling hole matt

Use regular wood putty to fill in cracks. The filling holes must go deep into the defects of the ping pong table.

Check again when the fillings start to dry. If cavities and/or larger cracks are visible, apply one more putty.

How to Clean a Ping Pong Table

To properly clean the ping pong table, you can refer to the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Remove the net
  • Using a clean and dry soft cloth, wipe down the entire table tennis table to remove dust and debris from the surface
  • Wet the table with a spray cleaner and wipe the surface, or wipe the table with a cloth moistened with a vinegar solution
  • If the table is too dirty, you can wipe it again with a cloth only lightly moistened with clean water
  • Grease, rust remove all metal parts and frame movement

#1. Cleaning the net

To clean the mesh, you can use a diluted vinegar solution (1 part vinegar 5 parts water). Just place the net so that the fabric of the net is inside the container of the vinegar solution, but the wire that supports the net tension and the net posts left outside are not soaked in the solution. Then let the mesh soak in while you clean the table.

When soaking in the vinegar solution for a while, take it out and wash it with water before letting it dry for 30 minutes.

#2. How to keep the table clean

Using a table tennis cover when the table is not in use will help protect and preserve the ping pong table, especially if it is stored in a garage, basement, or unfinished room. Table tennis tables covered with tarpaulin will require less frequent cleaning and better maintenance.

If you notice that the table is dirty or sweaty during play, clean the table after use, even if you cleaned it before playing. Removing dirt and moisture before storing will make it easier to clean next time.


Above we have shared with you all the instructions on “How To Paint A Ping Pong Table” that we refer to and learn in-depth. Hope the above information is easy to understand and you can easily apply it to draw your ping pong table. You can see more instructions here. Good luck!

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