How To Open Kettler Ping Pong Table – Detailed Instructions

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Today, ping pong tables are designed with two sides that can be easily folded or expanded according to individual needs. There are many table tennis tables with different foot models, many tables from different brands. Being noticed and in high demand is KETTLER table tennis. In this article, we will tell you what you want to know about the KETTLER table tennis table. More specifically, we offer “How To Open KETTLER Ping Pong Table” for those who want to buy a table for home use.

What Is Kettler Ping Pong Table?


KETTLER is a German company known for producing sports equipment including ping pong tables.

Founded in 1949, KETTLER is a multifamily developer, investor, and property manager with a focus on the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the United States. Started producing patio furniture and added Kettcar toy cars to their inventory in 1962. As early as the 1960s, KETTLER engineers had been working on aluminum technology for ping pong tables to increase durability without sacrificing performance. Today, KETTLER remains a pioneer in creating weatherproof tables without sacrificing the bounce or playability of traditional tables. Perfect for leaving your outdoor ping pong table outside regardless of the weather.

The KETTLER table tennis table is truly world-class and has now been exported to more than 60 countries around the world. Available in both indoor and outdoor versions, you can be sure that the KETTLER table will give you hours of enjoyment, no matter what level you play at.

In 1996, the committee of the Olympics in Atlanta selected Kettler as the official supplier of table tennis equipment for the summer games. Kettler still manufactures and sells the same table used in the Olympics as the “Atlanta”.

The KETTLER table tennis table is smartly designed with wheels so it is easy to move. High specs at an affordable price are the experience KETTLER wants to give you. With modern designs, you can open or assemble the table yourself at home.

How Much Does A Kettler Ping Pong Table Weigh?


When there is a need to buy a ping pong table, many people need to know what the standard ping pong table size is so that they can find a suitable installation location. It can be said that the table tennis table is an extremely important and necessary tool when we participate in training movements and professional table tennis competitions. According to the regulations in the competition rules of the International Table Tennis Federation, the size of a standard table tennis table needs to meet the following specific specifications:

– The length of the table is 274 cm.

– The width of the table is 152.5 cm.

– The height of the table above the ground is 76 cm.

– The height of the net is equal to 15.25 cm.

– The net protruding from the table is 15.25 cm.

The tabletop is usually made of plywood or MDF and it needs to ensure, when the ball is dropped from a height of 30cm, the bounce height must reach 23cm. The thickness of the table tennis tabletop is not specified, it depends on the manufacturer and normally, the tabletop thickness ranges from about 18 to 30mm. The tabletop is divided into 2 equal parts, separated by a straight grid parallel to the table end line and stretched over the entire area bisecting the two sides of the table. Tables from the manufacturer Kettler can completely meet the above standards.

In essence, there is no regulation on the weight of a standard ping pong table. Because each manufacturer has its tabletop regulations on the materials used for the table. Typically, the weight of the table will range from 230 pounds or more. And the Kettler table tennis table also knows that rule. In most tournaments, weight doesn’t matter much. They are only important when you want to buy and use them at home. Because carrying them to other places or wanting to fold them will become a big problem if the table tennis table is too heavy.

On the other hand, a table tennis table that is designed to be too light weighing less than 230 pounds will affect the elasticity when the ball is in contact with the table. This would be ominous for any table tennis player. The weight figure won’t be noticeable when buying a product, but take it into a consideration to be able to choose the best Kettler table tennis table.

How To Open Kettler Ping Pong Table


First of all, the Kettler table tennis table is very heavy (over 230 pounds). You need to have the help of two people to carry the box.

Next is a spacious, clean space that is predetermined to place a ping pong table.

When you’re ready to open the box, you should get everything out of the box first. Rotate the carton 90 degrees from its vertical position. Open the left and right ends of the carton.

With one person pushing from one side, have another person pull from the opposite side until the contents of the bin are removed. When carrying the table up or down the stairs, removing the plastic wrap on the tabletop and carrying each one to reduce weight is advisable.

The box will come with instructions for use and installation. You should read and study them carefully before proceeding to open the Kettler table. The parts that come with the table will be wheels, joints, support bars, and tabletop. You need to categorize them into separate categories to avoid confusion.

Carry out the assembly according to the instructions. You should assemble the wheels and support bars first. Then proceed to place the tabletop and the screws. Finally, tighten the screws and the desktop connector to be more secure. Clean them up one last time and you’re good to go.

If you want to know more about the steps of assembly, please refer to the detailed instruction below:

Kettler Models
Kettler Basic 2
Kettler Classic
Kettler Champ 3.0
Kettler Champ 5.0
Kettler Stockholm GT
Kettler Stockholm
Kettler Match 3.0
Kettler Match 5.0
Kettler Topstar
Kettler Spin/Smash 1
Kettler Spin/Smash 3
Kettler Spin/Smash 5
Kettler Spin/Smash 9
Kettler Spin/Smash 11
Kettler Classic 4
Kettler Classic 10

How Do You Fix A Ping Pong Table?

A ping-pong table will blister, peel off paint due to water absorption or harsh weather conditions, especially with outdoor ping-pong tables. Professional table tennis players often recommend buying a new table. But if you have some special skills on hand, you can improve the situation and prolong its use until you have the money to buy a new table. We will suggest you a few tips for the best ping pong table repair.

The ping pong table is blistered:

– Scrape, use sandpaper to grind the bulge slightly lower than the table surface. Make the surface of the blister very smooth, then apply a layer of paint (for car paint) evenly. The base coat should be slightly higher than the countertop so that it can be sanded and repainted.

– If you can’t paint the table yourself, it’s best to bring the table to a motorbike or car painter to handle it because you have tools and know-how to mix paint to match the color.

However, this is only a temporary solution because if it is blistered, it means the table surface is peeling. This means that the top layer of plywood has peeled off from the bottom layer. Thus, the tabletop is broken, if you want to have an old tabletop, you can only buy a new one.

Fixing a table tennis table top involves two basic processes: Matic filling and painting. Both take about a weekend. If there are a lot of holes that need to be filled, it takes more than half the time, the paint can dry faster but it takes all night to dry completely.

For holes that are too large, they can affect the stability of the filling. The best method is to put the tabletop down on a stable surface, attach a piece of plywood underneath to increase the strength to hold the table tennis table.

Note that when painting a new ping pong table, the lines and the tabletop are not uniform. Specifically the white line and green tabletop. You only need a small amount of paint, spray evenly. It is important to have a primer coat before that.

How Do You Clean A Kettler Ping Pong Table?

First, let’s take a look at the reasons why you need to clean the ping pong table.

– Proper care and maintenance will help the table last longer and last longer than expected.

– Over a long period without cleaning, the table will be dirty, making each serve difficult and affecting your health.

Regular cleaning of ping pong tables

You can set a certain time like 2 weeks or a month to periodically clean the parts including the following steps:

– First, use a soft dry cloth to wipe the table tennis table once.

– Mix 3 bowls of water with 1 bowl of white vinegar and dip a clean towel until the cloth is still slightly damp.

– Remove the grid post from the table, use the cloth on the table to gently wipe the entire surface of the table, then use a clean dry cloth to wipe it again.

– Soak the ping pong net stakes in the above vinegar solution for 10-15 minutes, then let it dry.

– Reinstall the ping pong net. Using oil to lubricate the coupling parts, moving hinges helps to move easily but also limits rust.

How to store ping pong table when not in use

– When not in use, you should fold the table to save space and should buy a large canvas to cover the table when not in use to help the table tennis table always be durable over time.

– Finding the position of the table tennis table is very important, it greatly affects the durability of the table tennis table. The tabletop is made of wood, so it is easy to have problems such as deformation, swelling, and shrinkage, so especially in the humid season, you should cover the table or close the door of the room or place where the table tennis table is located. Place the table to choose a cool storage place, avoiding direct sunlight will help the table not to warp.

– Should choose ping pong table models with movable wheels and can be folded after use, convenient for moving and storing.

– Avoid strong impact on the table tennis table.

Can You Refurbish A Ping Pong Table?

– Choose paints with dark colors and especially paints that must be non-fluorescent, non-reflective because that will limit the case of light reflection causing glare or glare when used. One piece of advice-should choose colors like dark green, dark blue…

– In addition, especially note that it is not recommended to use brush paint and roll paint because the two types of paint often appear to accumulate paint, causing the surface of the table to appear small points that affect the bounce of the table surface. Spray paint is the best choice because it limits paint condensation. Another experience: you should paint each thin layer first, then test the bounce of the ball and then paint the next layer, and so on until you feel the bounce of the ball is satisfactory.

– Tip to test the bounce of the table: Use a ball dropped from a height of 30 cm to the table and if the ball bounces 23 – 26 cm, the table meets the standards.

– After you have painted the entire part of the tabletop, your last job is to re-draw the lines for the tabletop. How do you draw the lines so that when you touch them, there is no difference with the unlined areas of the tabletop? Note that the white line around the table is 20mm wide, the half-table divider is 3mm wide, and the central division has one end 10mm from the edge of the table, the other 50mm from the grid.


Just remember and master the techniques of opening the table tennis table in the article “How To Open Kettler Ping Pong Table” then you will be able to play table tennis at home comfortably. Good luck!

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