How to Fix a Dented Ping Pong Ball

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Do you have a ping pong ball that has been dented while practicing or playing? And you don’t have a spare? It happens all the time, especially with plastic ping pong balls. Even the best ping pong balls can develop dents.

So, the question is, “How to fix a dented ping pong ball?” Don’t worry, we have the methods to repair your dented ball right now. We’ll show you three quick and easy ways to repair dents in your ping pong balls and make them as good as new.

How do these techniques work?

Before we get into the specifics of how to re-inflate your deflated ping pong balls, it’s important to understand the science behind these techniques. It is not difficult to understand. It discusses the fundamental physics of heat and how it affects the expansion of something. In particular, it follows Charles Law and Boyle’s Law. Charles’ law takes the following form: V = k*T, where k is a constant and the pressure is constant. The mass is constant in this equation, and the air is confined to a compressible and expandable volume. The temperature is also free to rise or fall.

Heat causes the air particles inside the ball to expand. Changes in pressure inside the ball exert pressure on the dent, causing it to pop back into its original shape.

How to fix a dented ping pong ball using a hairdryer

Remember that the dented ping pong ball regains its shape as the air inside it expands. A hairdryer can also be useful in this situation. The hairdryer is useful because it can be used to heat the ball regularly, preventing deformities.

Set your hairdryer to the hot setting to successfully inflate the dented ball. Hold the ball in your palm, with the dented side facing up. Blow it directly with the blow dryer, keeping a 15 to 20 cm distance between the dryer and the ball. Different blow dryers have different temperatures, and you can adjust the distance based on the amount of heat produced. The hot air should not be too hot for your hand.

Blow the ball until it returns to its original shape. You should take breaks when blowing to avoid deformities. After the expansion, place the ball inside a sagging handkerchief and hang it on a clothesline to dry. This is optional, but it can help prevent unwanted misshapes.

How to fix a dented ping pong ball using hot water

This is a simple method for repairing a dented ping pong ball. The dented ball contains some air inside, which is forced to expand by heat. The hot water works by forcing the ball to return to its original shape as the air inside expands. If the water is boiling, it will work better.

To continue with this method, heat a small amount of water. The water should be about a cup full. Fill a large cup halfway with boiling water, then place the ball inside. You can also place the ball inside your boiling equipment, but make sure to retrieve it as soon as it returns to its original shape. If you leave it in the boiling water for too long, it will melt, which is not what you want.

You can either leave the ping pong ball floating on top of the hot water or simply immerse it in it with a spoon or other appropriate equipment. The ball quickly inflates and could be ready for retrieval in about 20 seconds. Using a spoon or tongs, retrieve it and place it in the center of a well-laid handkerchief or other pieces of cloth. Lift the handkerchief by the four corners, with the ball hanging from the inside. Allow it to dry naturally for about 10 minutes by hanging it on a cloth line. Drying the ball on a flat surface is not recommended because it will cause the ball to slump and create a flat surface at its base.

How to fix a dented ping pong ball using a lighter flame

A lighter’s flame can also be used to heat and expand the air inside a ping pong ball. This will cause your dented ball to inflate. This method necessitates your attention and concern, as it has the potential to meet the ball.

To repair a dented ping pong ball with a lighter flame, first, obtain a dependable lighter that produces a small but sufficient flame. In this case, a candle can also be used. Slowly and repeatedly pass the naked lighter flame over the ball. Make sure not to overheat the ball by exposing it to too much heat. It only takes a few seconds for the ball to expand and regain its shape.

Once the ball has regained its shape, place it in a hanging handkerchief and allow it to cool slowly and naturally. The handkerchief should be hung from its four corners, with the ball resting inside its sagging center. The ball will be good to go once it has cooled.

However, exercise caution and protect yourself!

How to fix a dented ping pong ball using a lighter flame

How to fix a dented ping pong ball using your thumb

Here’s an extra use for your crushed table tennis ball. If you are unable to use any heating medium, here is a simple solution. We cannot rely on this method all of the time because it can result in larger dents or deformities.

In this thumb method, you must carefully push around the dented area of the ball with your two thumbs until it returns to a spherical shape.

Things to keep in mind when using the above methods

Even though you can restore your ping pong ball using the methods described above, you must take some precautions.

– If you have a cracked ping pong ball, these methods will not work.

– If you place the ball on a flat surface while it is still hot, it may develop a flat edge.

– To avoid injury to your hands, do not use bare hands in any of these methods.

– Make sure to use these methods under the supervision of an adult.

– Due to the heat expansion of the air particles, the ball’s bounciness may decrease and its size may increase.

– Keep a safe distance between the ball and the flame because it can easily catch fire.

– The ball will no longer be as durable as it once was.

– Use of a microwave will destroy the oven’s interior.

– After heating, the ping pong balls may emit a foul odor.


We have provided some solutions to the question “How to fix a dented ping pong ball?” as well as some things to keep in mind when using the above solutions in this article. With the methods outlined above, repairing your dented ping pong ball should be a breeze. A fixed ball may not be as good as a new one, but it will serve you well for a long time. A dented ball does not have to be discarded. Repair it and use it for a few more days.

Please leave any additional questions about fixing a dented ping pong ball in the comments section below, and we will do our best to answer them. Thank you for taking the time to read this.